Swanzey Lake Thanksgiving 2008

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View from the South end of the lake looking North. The lake level is very low, since every 4 years they pull the plug at the dam, literally. The current flows into a tiny little stream that ends up in the cove. Usually, the boards come out every fall.

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Looking to the North end of the lake at Pilgrim Pines beach, Mayflower, Skytop, and the Snack Shack on a very cold Sunday morning after Thanksgiving 2008.

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Anonymous said...

That picture of Skytop brings back what are the fondest memories of my youth. Skytop is owned by the Nelson family, the two youngest were my neighbors and best friends in the 60s. They would spend their summers at Skytop, and would invite me for a week or so every year. My family was falling apart and as a very young boy nothing could have been more cathartic than time at Lake Swanzey.

Seeing that picture - funny I remember it being much much higher! Swanzey Lake from their porch at 6 am in the summer - you cannot describe the beauty, nor the unbelievably pungent smell in the air of pines. The bullfrogs in the pond at the golf course are legendary. And ever year I'd bring home a wild salamander from the streams. What an amazing place, and what wonderful neighbors the Nelsons were. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!