The Rarest Photo Of The Land Before Camp Wawona/Pilgrim Pines In 1902

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Head of the lake before any buildings were erected on the land, {this is the original large photo, and was taken in the summer of }1902. {Photographer unknown}.
Oscar Bourne standing beside his boat.
Ansel Bourne and his son Oscar used to pitch their tent weekends and camp out on this land they purchased.
Later on the buildings known as Camp Wawona {and later Pilgrim Pines} were erected by Oscar E. Bourne, owner and manager.
{handwritten} By Mrs. William E. Nash.

(This must be one of the most rarest of photos of Camp Wawona/Pilgrim Pines, taken 107 years ago. This photo shows the natural sandy beach and the lake level at the time. Note tent in the background and Oscar Bourne standing by his boat on what is today's Pilgrim Pines Beach.)

The following is the back side of this photo:

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